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This is why we are campaigning

Most of us have had a good childhood: with a roof over our heads, going to school, and coming home to nourishing meals.

But not everyone can enjoy these rights. Imagine starting your day at 6am, waking up in a dingy, dirty room, eating a scrap piece of bread, and then walking to the factory or mine nearby to work till perhaps 8pm or 9pm. You might not get lunch. And dinner could be a small bowl of rice with lentils. Everyday without pause. If you miss your parents and you cry, you get beaten with a stick.

All over the world, there are 168 million children who are employed, and who have been forced to work under terrible conditions, either by their parents as their family is so poor, or they they have been kidnapped by criminal gangs. Of these, 85 million are engaged in hazardous occupations, and 5.5 million are child slaves, with no freedom whatsoever. Worldwide, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that some 22,000 children are killed at work every year.

A new global campaign is being developed to change this. It will start in India and is being unveiled on 11th December.

This campaign is inspired by the strength and success of former child slaves who have now become activists. It will give every young person who joins the campaign the opportunity to become a change maker and to support the mobilisation of youth all over the world.

We need to create a world where all children can go to school and enjoy their childhood.

Will you join us today?

Photo credit: Robert Fogarty

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